Wakanda Type

    commonly used low-cost printer for a computer uses a belt drive to move the printing device laterally across the printed page. The printing device may be a laser printer, a print ball, or thermal. An example of a belt drive of the printer is shown in Figure. The input and output of the system are motor torque T(t) on left pulley and position of printing device y(t), respectively. As shown in Figure, belts are modeled as massless springs. Assume that the mass-moment of inertia of both pulleys are J . The mass of the printing device is m. Also, equivalent viscous damping associated with the left pulley is denoted by b . a. Derive basic equations of motion for the system using free-body diagrams. b. Identify all independent energy storing elements and types of energy stored by each of those elements. c. Select state variables, derive the state-variable equations and construct simulation diagram without using any differentiator. d. Obtain Input/Output differential equation . e. Determine another state space model directly from the input/output differential equation from part d.